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Space Heroes

Space may be the final frontier, but some superheroes traverse the intergalactic skyways and explore perilous planets, boldly going where the Terran hero has never gone before.

Super Friends

For thirteen years, they protected the Earth from within their headquarters, the Hall of Justice. If they had kept their title the same, ABC and Hanna-Barbera's group of superheroes would have been among the longest-running animated series in history, but even though they always got along, the Super Friends got new series titles on a regular basis. The core team always remained Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, and Aquaman, although multiple other heroes and sidekicks often joined them for adventures.


Action Girl Cover Image

Sub-Mariner #57 © 1973 Marvel Comics. COVER ART BY BILL EVERETT.


Erotica Jones is an exotic dancer by night, crime fighter by later night. With a heart of gold, a passion for animal rights, and a weakness for fashion, according to the plug she received on Spike TV's website, when she's not busy pole dancing Jones lends a helping hand and sympathetic ear to the other dancers at the Tender Loins strip club. When her belly ring vibrates, Erotica jumps into action as superhero/secret agent Stripperella.

The Spirit

Action Girl Cover Image

The Spirit #48 © 1988 Will Eisner. COVER ART BY WILL EISNER.


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