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Sidekicks and Protégés

Action Girl Cover Image

Boy Comics #35 © 1947 Lev Gleason. COVER ART BY CHARLES BIRO.


Comic-book publishers were scrambling to create new costumed crime fighters in the wake of Superman's instantaneous success in Action Comics #1 (June 1938). Since the wildly popular Errol Flynn movie The Adventures of Robin Hood was attracting long lines at the box office during that summer, the notion of pitting a contemporary bowman against villains armed with guns was too good for comics creators to ignore

The Shadow

Action Girl Cover Image

The Shadow #12 © 1975 DC Comics. COVER ART BY MICHAEL KALUTA.

The Savage Dragon

Action Girl Cover Image

The Savage Dragon #4 © 1993 Erik Larsen. COVER ART BY ERIK LARSEN.


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