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Head Writers

Gina Misiroglu (GM) is a fourteen-year veteran of the West Coast publishing industry, specializing in the development and editing of popular culture, biography, and film-related titles. Misiroglu is the author of The Handy Politics Answer Book (2002); Girls Like Us: 40 Extraordinary Women Celebrate Girlhood in Story, Poetry, and Song (1999), winner of the New York Public Library’s “Best Book for Teens” Award; and Imagine: The Spirit of Twentieth-Century American Heroes (1999). Misiroglu has worked on a number of film and TV tie-in titles, and she is the co-author of Space Jammin’: Bugs and Michael Hit the Big Screen (1997). Misiroglu resides in Los Angeles, where superheroes can be spied on almost every street corner.


David Roach (DAR) is a comic-book illustrator and writer based in Wales, United Kingdom. In addition to his post as associate editor of the U.S.-based magazine Comic Book Artist, which is dedicated to the historic representation of comic-book characters, Roach actively illustrates for several UK companies, including 2000 AD, Panini, and Marvel. In the United States, he has drawn and inked heroes for DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Topps, and the gaming company Wizards of the Coast. Roach is co-editor of The Warren Companion: The Definitive Compendium to the Great Comics of Warren Publishing (2001) and the revised edition of the Slings and Arrows Comic Guide (2003). He is a regular contributor to Comic Book Artist and Comics International.


Guided into a life of superhero fandom by his heroic idol Adam “Batman” West,  Michael Eury (ME)  has co-created and/or written comics and cartoon properties for Nike, Toys R Us, Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing, the Microsoft Network, the “First Flight” Centennial, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Archie Comics, and Cracked magazine. He now toils for truth, justice, and several other virtues that look good on his résumé as the editor of BACK ISSUE magazine and an advisor to The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. A former editor for DC and Dark Horse, Eury edited the ambitious, award-winning loose-leaf encyclopedia Who’s Who in the DC Universe, and he is currently editing and co-writing the bimonthly comic-book magazine Back Issue. Eury has authored two published books, Captain Action: The Original Super-Hero Action Figure (2002) and Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time (2003), and writes hero histories for the packages of Bowen Designs’ Marvel Comics mini-busts.


Contributing Writers

Mike W. Barr (MWB) made his first professional sale to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. He has worked in comic books for over two decades, writing such best-selling titles as Camelot 3000, an Arthurian sequel; The Maze Agency, an Eisner- and Harvey Award–nominated whodunit detective series revived in 2005 by IDW; “Batman: Year Two,” which was adapted into the movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm; and the first Batman graphic novel, 1987’s Batman: Son of the Demon. For the Malibu Ultraverse he created and wrote the best-selling title Mantra. He has written Internet comics for Stan Lee Media and Icebox; a popular Internet fantasy comic strip, Sorcerer of Fortune; manga for TokyoPop; and many Star Trek comics for DC and Malibu. Returning to his first medium, prose, Mike wrote Gemini, a Star Trek novel, and has contributed short stories to anthologies and magazines, including Noir; Hot Blood; Path of the Bold, which won the 2005 Origin Award (presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design) for “Best Fiction Publication”; Star Wars Insider; and Kolchak: The Night Stalker Chronicles, an anthology based on the 1970s cult TV show.


Alex Boney (AB) received his master of arts degree from Ohio State University and is pursuing his doctorate in English literature. His dissertation, titled Modernist League of America: Modernist American Fiction and the Origins of Superhero Comics (2006), explores the intersections between American literature and popular culture. Currently, Boney teaches writing and literature courses at Ohio State and Ohio Dominican University in Columbus. He has presented on comics and modernist literature at several conferences, including the Comics Arts Conference in San Diego, California, and the Bloomsday 100 International James Joyce Symposium in Dublin, Ireland.


Dr. Peter Coogan (PC) has been reading comics since his mother let him buy a Captain America comic book on a family trip when he was eight. He earned a Ph.D. in American studies at Michigan State University with his dissertation, The Secret Origin of the Superhero: The Origin and Evolution of the Superhero Genre in America (2002). Coogan has been the co-chair of the Comics Arts Conference, which is held at the San Diego Comic-Con International, since cofounding it in 1992 as a graduate student. He is a contributor to Myths of the Modern Age (2005) and the author of Superhero: Secret Origin of a Genre (2006) as well as numerous online articles in the parascholarly discipline of Wold-Newtonry, including an English/Mangani dictionary. He works as a writing specialist at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri.


Heidi MacDonald (HM)’s writings about comics have appeared in Publishers Weekly, The Comics Journal, The Comics Buyer’s Guide, LA Weekly, and The Pulse. She is currently the writer of The Beat, the premiere newsblog of comics culture ( She has worked as a senior editor at Disney Adventures magazine, and as an editor at DC Comics.


Andy Mangels (AM) is a best-selling author and co-author of more than a dozen books, including Star Trek and Roswell novels, and the books Animation on DVD: The Ultimate Guide (2003) and Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters (1995). He is an award-winning comic-book anthology editor, and has written comics for almost two decades. He has also written thousands of articles for entertainment and lifestyle magazines and newspapers in the United States, England, and Italy, mostly about film and television. Mangels has provided Special Features content and has scripted and directed a series of sixteen half-hour DVD documentaries for BCI Eclipse, on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Although his favorite character is Wonder Woman, Mangels owns a life-size mannequin of Star Wars villain Boba Fett, and he bears a Boba Fett tattoo. Mangels resides in Portland, Oregon. His favorite superheroes are Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and the Teen Titans.


Rocketed to Earth from his home planet moments before its destruction, Michael A. Martin (MAM) has enjoyed a lifelong obsession with comic-book heroes and villains. Years after this origin tale, Martin schlepped the funnies to the direct-sales market, first for Marvel Comics and later for Dark Horse Comics. In 1996, he began collaborating with Andy Mangels on scripts for Marvel’s Star Trek: Deep Space 9 comics. That same year, Martin’s solo original short fiction began appearing in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and he has also co-authored (also with Andy Mangels) several Star Trek novels and shorter pieces of Star Trek fiction for Pocket Books, as well as a trio of novels based on the late, lamented Roswell television series. He has written for Star Trek Monthly, Atlas Editions, Dreamwatch, Grolier Books, WildStorm, Platinum Studios, Gobshite Quarterly, The Oregonian, and Gareth Stevens, Inc., for whom he has penned six World Almanac Library of the States nonfiction books.


Writing about action heroes wasn’t Adam McGovern (AMC)’s choice; being named after one himself (Detective Adam Flint from the classic police drama Naked City), it was his destiny. Since then he’s fulfilled it by writing about comic books, cartoons, and other popular culture for such outlets as the Village Voice, Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, TotalTV Online, Comic Book Artist, and The Jack Kirby Collector, among many others. He also edited MusicHound World: The Essential Album Guide for Visible Ink Press in 2000. Corporate copywriting and nonprofit arts consulting help support his comic-book habit and prolong what was already a somewhat enduring adolescence.


A long-time comic-book fan, Marc McKenzie (MM) became interested in Japanese animation after watching Robotech in the late 1980s. At the same time, the first English translations of Japanese manga were starting to appear in America, and McKenzie quickly took an interest in such titles as Masaomi Kanzaki’s Heavy Metal Warrior Xenon; Kazuya Kudo and Ryoichi Ikegami’s Mai, the Psychic Girl; Kaoru Shintani’s Area 88; Yoshihisa Tagami’s Grey; and Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed. After earning a degree in biology from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey, he went on to study computer animation at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Now a freelance artist and writer, McKenzie has written for the web sites of the Slush Factory and Silver Bullet Comic Books, and he has created artwork for the Otakon anime convention.


Frank Plowright (FP) is best known to the comics community as coorganizer of the United Kingdom’s longest-running comic convention, UKCAC. An established freelance writer, Plowright is editor of the revised edition of the Slings and Arrows Comic Guide (2003), which reviews more than 5,000 comic-book series from the 1930s to the present.


Peter Sanderson (PS) is a comics critic and historian who holds three degrees in English literature from Columbia University. He began teaching the course “Comics as Literature” at New York University in 2004, and he is a graphic novel reviewer for Publishers Weekly. Sanderson has been interviewed about cartoon art on CBS Sunday Morning and regularly speaks about graphic novels at New York’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. Sanderson was the first official archivist at Marvel Comics, and he is the author of the books Marvel Universe (1996) and The Ultimate Guide to the X-Men (2000). Sanderson was also one of the principal writers for the original four versions of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and DC Comics’ Who’s Who. A frequent contributor to magazines about comics, Sanderson has written for BACK ISSUE, Comic Buyer’s Guide, The Comics Journal, and Wizard. Sanderson writes the online column “Comics in Context,” a weekly series of essays on comic and cartoon art, for IGN Comics (


J. C. Vaughn (JCV) is the executive editor of Gemstone Publishing, where he has worked on The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Hake’s Price Guide to Character Toys, The Official Price Guide to Disney Character Collectibles, The Overstreet Comic Book Companion, and other projects. He is the author of more than 2,000 articles, reviews, interviews, and columns in the collectibles field. He’s also the co-writer of the comics 24 (based on the Fox TV show) and Shi.

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