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Superhuman strength. Virtual invulnerability. Motivated to defend the world from criminals and madmen. Possessing a secret identity. And they even have fashion sense—they look great in long underwear and cat suits. These are the traits that define the quintessential superhero.


Now includes all those characters whose impossible feats graced the pages of comic books during comics' Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages. They are all here: Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Catwoman, SupermanX-Men and dozens of others.


Informative and fun, is the ultimate compendium of everyone's favorite superheroes and anti-heroes and their sidekicks, villains, love interests, superpowers, and modus operandi. It covers the best-loved and historically significant comic book, movie, television, and graphic novel superheroes—mainstream and counterculture, famous and forgotten, best and worst.


These characters repeatedly saved planet Earth from the well-laid plans of supervillains, larger-than-life aliens, and Nazi infiltrators. By the mid-twentieth century, heroes had evolved from the All-American boy fantasy to multidimensional characters who clearly reflected the dreams and fears of our world today. details how when the real world had become a darker place, it necessitated a new kind of hero. Popular heroes of yesteryear were reinvented to meet the demands of the new age. And so began the rise of the anti-hero, the fresh breed of brazen, gritty, adventurer that includes the likes of the Punisher, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Buffy, Hellboy and Spawn. Some of these icons possess superhuman qualities, yet they are often nearly paralyzed with angst, doubt, and disillusionment—identifying with what we are all going through because of the sudden uncertainty and insecurities in our own world.


We all need heroes, whether fictitious or real, and is more than just a walk down memory lane. Through detailed stories, descriptions, and explanations it shows why the idea of battling the forces of evil and injustice never go out of style.


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Since 1989 Visible Ink Press has been known for thoroughly researched, comprehensive, informative, and entertaining references on popular culture, history, and the sciences. is the latest member of an illustrious family.


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